8.52x5.47postcard8.52x5.47postcard Tired of settling for the status quo year after year? We have the solution for you, at Shutter Magic Sports, our philosophy is to deliver superior portrait quality products with quality lighting and great expressions. We don’t rush through every team just to get the job done and collect envelopes. We slow the process down to spend time with each athlete to make sure each parent is happy. As with everything we do at Shutter Magic Sports, our professional print photographs are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


We also offer a hassle free experience, we handle everything and make your job easy 

What your league can expect…

  • Coach Gifts
  • Sponsor Gifts
  • Easy pricing and proven packages and products that parent appreciate and love
  • and much more ...

Shutter Magic Sports, with its 25 years of full time service in the industry is proven to MAKES PICTURE DAY FUN.  Our trained staff is here to help you have a successful event and make both players and parents happy. 


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If you already have a contract for the league with another company, we can still offer individual teams some really cool options such as Team Composites and Banners


Whatever YOUR activity…We can photograph it!!

Picture Perfect   100% Satisfaction Guaranteed THS_Varsity_PS_17THS_Varsity_PS_17

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